Port Royal is a settlement on the Caribbean Sea. Here you may find many familiar characters such as: Elizabeth Swan, 'Captain' Jack Sparrow, Captain Barbosa and William Turner.
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Don't Think Once [S-Sha and Co.]
by Lord S-Sha (CTG)
Oct 28, 2018 18:11:57 GMT -5
The Disney Castle is home to King Mickey. Queen Minnie, Goofy, and Donald are from this world.
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Time Flies Like an Arrow! But do They Really?
by JeY k
Mar 9, 2016 18:07:39 GMT -5
Within the Sorcerer’s loft you will be able to find the home of Master Yen Sid. He is a powerful wizard such as Merlin, but much more deep and mysterious. He has a lot of information about the Heartless and the Nobodies as well as the three good fairies.
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Meeting the Master
by Raphael
Jul 3, 2016 22:34:43 GMT -5
The Pride Lands is located in the African Savannah, where the famous lions such as Simba, Nala, Mufasa and Scar come from. Of course we can't forget the famous Timon and Pumba. Simba rules pride rock and everything in the Savannah.
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Land of Confusion: Part 2 (Open)
by church
Apr 7, 2017 9:21:38 GMT -5
Space Paranoid seems to be that of a digital computer.
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In a timeless world of black and white, this is where some of the first Disney characters shared there first moments. Such as Mickey mouse when he stared as steamboat Willie.
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The Ancient Lands of China is a place where the great wall stands tall and proud, where blossoms fall from the beautiful trees, and where the great Imperial City reigns over everyone who enters the ancient land. In this world you will find the popular characters known as Mulan and Mushu.
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Alma: Shuttle Down (In Progress)
by Alma Taschner
May 15, 2017 14:00:41 GMT -5
A beautiful dark castle is home to a exquisite young woman named Belle. While taking her fathers place in captivity, Belle falls in love with a great beast. While spending her time with Beast, Belle has many friends around the castle that make her time much easier.
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The town of twilight; here lies a beautiful town in dusk, at the center lies the great clock tower, and all around lies dozens of markets and empty town streets.
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Land of Confusion [Closed]
by JeY k
Jan 16, 2017 10:05:50 GMT -5
The World that Never Was had been and is the said home of the nobodies. There are many shadows and heartless that roam this world. You best not press your luck with them. You could just wind up face to face with a nobody or a member of Organization XIII.
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Primary directive. (Closed)
by GarthyChan!
Aug 7, 2017 22:24:46 GMT -5


Lord S-Sha (CTG): been going good. still not used to being head admin but i'll manage lol Feb 9, 2019 19:57:12 GMT -5
Lord S-Sha (CTG): what about you? Feb 9, 2019 20:00:17 GMT -5
hoodwink: Sorry been at work—I’ve been good, just been working on some art projects and playing KH3 nonstop lmao xD Feb 9, 2019 22:09:58 GMT -5
Lord S-Sha (CTG): it's okay lol and i'm pretty sure everyone is playing kh3 lol Feb 9, 2019 22:22:46 GMT -5
hoodwink: Haha it’s so good! I had to chill though cuz I almost beat it 4 days into releawe Feb 9, 2019 22:28:27 GMT -5
hoodwink: Setting up the Ultima Weapon before I finally finish the game Feb 9, 2019 22:28:46 GMT -5
Lord S-Sha (CTG): always go for Ultima lol Feb 9, 2019 22:37:18 GMT -5
hoodwink: Well I’m doin this first run through with Kingdom Key only Feb 9, 2019 22:41:03 GMT -5
hoodwink: But I want to do 100% completion Feb 9, 2019 22:41:19 GMT -5
Lord S-Sha (CTG): lol I did a low level proud mode run for my first playthrough Feb 9, 2019 22:45:58 GMT -5
hoodwink: I’m actually a little disappointed with proud mode Feb 9, 2019 23:20:58 GMT -5
hoodwink: I can count on one hand the amount of times I’ve died this whole game Feb 9, 2019 23:21:11 GMT -5
Lord S-Sha (CTG): yeah it's a lot easier than i thought it would be lol Feb 9, 2019 23:30:04 GMT -5
hoodwink: I’m just hopin they drop Critical mode after I beat it Feb 10, 2019 0:15:11 GMT -5
Lord S-Sha (CTG): hopefully Feb 10, 2019 0:21:42 GMT -5
hoodwink: Yo peeps we gotta throw up some more threads Feb 13, 2019 16:56:12 GMT -5
hoodwink: Half these worlds got 0 posts at all! Feb 13, 2019 16:56:19 GMT -5
hoodwink: I got one going with Runaway right now at the Deep Jungle, who else would be down ?? Feb 13, 2019 16:56:44 GMT -5
Mega: *splashes about* Feb 13, 2019 22:36:34 GMT -5
therunawaygirl: Lol, if anyone wants to RP on that other thread I have open, go for it. Might also make another character to add in the mix Feb 14, 2019 8:56:09 GMT -5