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The Story of Kingdom Hearts
by Sprow
Feb 8, 2013 22:54:45 GMT -5
NOTICE: Notifications about KHRPF will be posted here for all members to view. Please check this board often as new issues may arise.
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Retirement and Farewell
by Kel
Jun 17, 2015 5:37:53 GMT -5
Dead roleplays will be kept here for future reference.
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In The Second Star to the Right [Raphael]
by Sprow
Mar 9, 2015 17:12:04 GMT -5

Command Panel

Members can access all character needs here. Post your profiles, update them, delete them, audition for canons and even host a portfolio of links to your characters!
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by JeY k
Jun 21, 2015 21:21:21 GMT -5
Organize your party and settle all roleplaying needs here.

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Open Thread!
by Red400
Apr 1, 2015 12:01:01 GMT -5
If you're interested in starting an organization with other members, here's the place to go. All information regarding organizations can be found inside, including the organization rules.
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Chapter 2: [Part 1] The Awakening
by Sprow
Mar 9, 2015 17:06:45 GMT -5

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Here is where all forum wide events will take place. Contests, too, will be posted in here.
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Character of the Month Interview! [2nd edition][Keyblader]
by JeY k
Apr 21, 2013 12:00:07 GMT -5


Post topics about anything here.
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What are you listening to?
by Red400
Jun 6, 2015 18:35:27 GMT -5
A place for members to be.
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Good Day
by erebus
Jun 29, 2015 13:53:45 GMT -5
[Caution! Possible Spoilers!] This is a general board where only the topic of Kingdom Hearts will be discussed. If you have any news about Kingdom Hearts, theories you would like to contemplate or just some random Kingdom Hearts information you would like to share, you can do so here.
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Kingdom Hearts 3
by Dark Enerjak, Ruler of Chaos
Jun 7, 2015 17:24:12 GMT -5
Staff is giving people the option to choose to get one of these. If you would like a personal board to put all of your stuff in, please feel free to message your nearest staff member and they will do so for you. For sake of making things easier on members in case this gets large, staff will give you the link to your newly made personal board. Be sure to keep the link somewhere where you can find it.
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Rei's Character Vault
by Rei
Feb 8, 2015 0:14:51 GMT -5

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Suggestions & Questions - If members have any questions, comments or concerns regarding KHRPF, they should express them here. KHRPF Staff takes all suggestions in moderation, so don't expect direct changes!
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Most Commonly Asked Questions
by Sprow
Apr 14, 2014 23:17:37 GMT -5
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Kingdom Hearts: Path of Destiny
by The Wanderer
Jul 4, 2015 16:25:24 GMT -5


Worlds that set the standard for the Kingdom Hearts Universe.
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The Pale Beauty Awakens (Jey)
by Himeiji
Apr 17, 2015 13:28:10 GMT -5
Castle Oblivion is a large building with 25 floors, 12 going down, 12 going up, and 1 in the middle, decorated with a floral design, with many odd structures jutting out from it. The castle has a mysterious aura to it that weakens anyone who enters it except for Organization XIII, who own the building. This energy also allows Castle Oblivion's floors can be transmuted into different forms and layouts through extreme concentration of an individual's memories, though they are often incomplete and without their natural inhabitants.
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Riley Generations ( lilark)
by Chaos Thief Goddess (Lana)
Feb 15, 2015 23:46:26 GMT -5
Worlds introduced in Kingdom Hearts II may be found here.
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The reunion ( Raphael)
by Raphael
Jun 29, 2015 22:18:47 GMT -5
The worlds of Birth By Sleep.
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Sound of Dreams (Open to All~)(Redux)
by JeY k
May 14, 2015 16:04:35 GMT -5
The worlds introduced in Dream Drop Distance.
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Lets watch a puppet show! maybe.. (Rosalyn!)
by Rosalyn!
Jan 28, 2015 1:35:48 GMT -5
Original, Disney and Final Fantasy worlds.
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This is the out of character board. In here, anything goes pretty much. Just remember that the rules still apply in here except godmodding and powerplaying since this is a board for shenanigans. People can even roleplay canons in here for parody purposes. What's neat about this board is that nothing canon to your characters or anything else happens canonly.
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Let's go beat the shit out of Wakka
by Hosep (Kairi)
Jan 16, 2015 10:29:45 GMT -5

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roxy, Raphael


Mani: What folks usually do, after they've read the rules and whatnot, is grab the character template (in the Save Point board) and write up a charrie app. Once it's been accepted by staff, you're free to start making and joining topics. ^^ Jun 24, 2015 10:02:56 GMT -5
Mani: That last part being something I totally have to do since I've been so horrifically inactive around here lately. ^^;; Jun 24, 2015 10:04:17 GMT -5
iStabOreos: Or PM someone to topic with you Jun 24, 2015 19:47:49 GMT -5
JeY k: I'll make a topic with you Mani~ Jun 24, 2015 21:27:15 GMT -5
Mani: That'd be awesome, JeY k! ^^ Jun 25, 2015 14:43:50 GMT -5
JeY k: Do you wanna start it or should I~ Jun 25, 2015 15:59:44 GMT -5
Chaos Thief Goddess (Lana): Mleh Jun 25, 2015 16:30:14 GMT -5
Mani: If it's alright by you, it'd be super great if you could start it; it's been a while since I last started a topic so I'm feeling sort of rusty. ^^; Jun 25, 2015 16:35:05 GMT -5
JeY k: No worries. Whenever I am free next I'll see what I can do for you~ Jun 25, 2015 16:44:49 GMT -5
Raphael: hey JeY, if you ever get the time, i have one minor change i have to make to Arin's updated profile. the link i added for one of his keyblades accidentally loops back to the profile page, not the key, so i need to fix that, rather than make the profile- Jun 27, 2015 22:45:20 GMT -5
Raphael: all over again Jun 27, 2015 22:45:32 GMT -5
Raphael: it doesn't have to be right away, and i can always find a time when we're both online, so no immediate rush when dealing with the little goof-up i did on the profile Jun 27, 2015 22:46:44 GMT -5
JeY k: Send me a PM with the profile link and the image link and I'll get to it Jun 28, 2015 10:20:12 GMT -5
Chaos Thief Goddess (Lana): Mleh Jun 29, 2015 16:58:13 GMT -5
karoko: Hello all Jun 29, 2015 22:14:14 GMT -5
JeY k: I haven't forgotten ;-; Jun 30, 2015 21:22:09 GMT -5
JeY k: Sorry I haven't gotten to the topic yet Mani, work has been extremely hectic and I've been sick @_@ I'm still going do it though! Jun 30, 2015 21:22:11 GMT -5
Mani: Oh, I hope you're feeling better! And no worries, take your time. ^^ Jul 1, 2015 10:38:19 GMT -5
JeY k: So every morning I wake up feeling way better and by the time I go to bed I'm way worse. I don't know what's going on but I'm hardly ever sick let alone for this long @_@ Jul 1, 2015 20:22:11 GMT -5
JeY k: Found out the reason. I have Mono =\ gosh this is terrible Jul 3, 2015 23:06:08 GMT -5