Just like Timeless River and Country of the Musketeers, this is a world set back in time from when King Mickey was in pursuit of becoming a Keyblade Master. This is where he trained as an apprentice under Yen Sid and found out the hard way not to sleep on the job and let the walking brooms do all of his chores. The world itself is quite a wonder since it seems to shift between realities. Beware, Chernabog resides here as well.
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Much like Timeless River and Symphony of Sorcery, this is a world that takes you back in time of castles and swords, mostly rapiers where the legendary Three Musketeers reside. Here is a time period where King Mickey had been in pursuit of becoming a Keyblade Master and first met his Queen, Minnie.
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Known as the City of the Bells, this is a world set in Notre Dame. Here you will find the Cathedral where it is said a hunchback dwells.
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This is the world that Jiminy, Pinocchio, Geppetto and the whale Monstro are from. Here you will find yourself in the middle of what appears to be some sort of fairgrounds or circus full of unruly kids that have run away to...although something isn't quite right with this world since there is a large majority of sad donkeys here as children start to mysteriously vanish.
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[open] I'm not crying, You're crying!
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Dream Drop Distance

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Lord S-Sha (CTG): been going good. still not used to being head admin but i'll manage lol Feb 9, 2019 19:57:12 GMT -5
Lord S-Sha (CTG): what about you? Feb 9, 2019 20:00:17 GMT -5
hoodwink: Sorry been at work—I’ve been good, just been working on some art projects and playing KH3 nonstop lmao xD Feb 9, 2019 22:09:58 GMT -5
Lord S-Sha (CTG): it's okay lol and i'm pretty sure everyone is playing kh3 lol Feb 9, 2019 22:22:46 GMT -5
hoodwink: Haha it’s so good! I had to chill though cuz I almost beat it 4 days into releawe Feb 9, 2019 22:28:27 GMT -5
hoodwink: Setting up the Ultima Weapon before I finally finish the game Feb 9, 2019 22:28:46 GMT -5
Lord S-Sha (CTG): always go for Ultima lol Feb 9, 2019 22:37:18 GMT -5
hoodwink: Well I’m doin this first run through with Kingdom Key only Feb 9, 2019 22:41:03 GMT -5
hoodwink: But I want to do 100% completion Feb 9, 2019 22:41:19 GMT -5
Lord S-Sha (CTG): lol I did a low level proud mode run for my first playthrough Feb 9, 2019 22:45:58 GMT -5
hoodwink: I’m actually a little disappointed with proud mode Feb 9, 2019 23:20:58 GMT -5
hoodwink: I can count on one hand the amount of times I’ve died this whole game Feb 9, 2019 23:21:11 GMT -5
Lord S-Sha (CTG): yeah it's a lot easier than i thought it would be lol Feb 9, 2019 23:30:04 GMT -5
hoodwink: I’m just hopin they drop Critical mode after I beat it Feb 10, 2019 0:15:11 GMT -5
Lord S-Sha (CTG): hopefully Feb 10, 2019 0:21:42 GMT -5
hoodwink: Yo peeps we gotta throw up some more threads Feb 13, 2019 16:56:12 GMT -5
hoodwink: Half these worlds got 0 posts at all! Feb 13, 2019 16:56:19 GMT -5
hoodwink: I got one going with Runaway right now at the Deep Jungle, who else would be down ?? Feb 13, 2019 16:56:44 GMT -5
Mega: *splashes about* Feb 13, 2019 22:36:34 GMT -5
therunawaygirl: Lol, if anyone wants to RP on that other thread I have open, go for it. Might also make another character to add in the mix Feb 14, 2019 8:56:09 GMT -5